Freya – She Was Padlocked on a Short Chain 24/7

5/29/18 – This is the time of year when donations always seem to die down. I think because the temperatures are mild, there is a belief that the medical need for animals are reduced. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Summer brings more heart worm cases, upper respiratory infections, and more kittens and puppies who come with their own illnesses caused by the moms breeding too often.

This is Freya. She was one of a group of five dogs padlocked on short chains 24/7 behind a condemned house. The rescuer was brought in to try and help a month ago and everyone she reached out to couldn’t help. Freya had a piece of siding fall on her and she got so scared she slipped her collar. She was caught and brought into the rescuer’s home who will work at rehoming her. Freya visited the vet, complements of 4p1h, and she tested negative for heart worm and received all of her vaccines. She will be spayed in 3 weeks after she has had a chance to ‘chill out’. She is doing great in the rescuer’s home and bonding with the family’s pet.

It’s only with donations and support at our funderaiser can we afford to help animals like Freya. Donations can be made through paypal by using the link on the left side of this page or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080

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