Cisco Kid – Chance Gives and Update

CHANCE: Somebody is getting a big surprise this afternoon!!! Shhhh Dont tell Cisco Kid, we wanna surprise him! Moms getting everything clean & disinfected, new bowls, bedding & box…just waiting for his bed to finish drying in the dryer annnnd our sweet boy Kid will have his own room! Kid has been through soooo much abandoned outside, getting hurt, living under a deck with his beautiful white fur so filthy, so thin, then he got so, so sick and had to be syringe fed for a week, he was so weak we weren’t at all sure he would survive. But 4 Paws 1 Heart was there for him for every vet visit, every test, every med. We cared for him, all of you prayed for him encouraged him & cheered him on. And now, come next Wednesday 4p1h will be there for him again as he receives his neuter & vaccines and he will be ready to find his Forever Home!!! So, we’re counting on all of you to continue to be a part of his journey by helping us find him the purrrfect forever home!!! He’s the sweetest, most grateful, loving, lap cat you’ll ever hope to find. Yes, he is fiv+ unless his retest shows otherwise so his immune system is not as strong as it could be, but with good care and nutrition he will live a long and happy life. So please start sharing him with everyone you know so he can have the life he deserves! Contact mom at to make Kid your own lovebug Kid is 12-18mo old, gets along with everyone and is located in Clinton Twsp, kid 6:13:18

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