Kittens in Abusive Household – The Spouse Threatened to Harm the Kittens

6/27/18 – Please continue to pray for all of those who must rely on the kindness of humans. An independent rescuer who we’ve often helped, came across an urgent ‘call-out’ for help. The person needed to find someone to take in 4 kittens who were being threatened by her abusive spouse. She would not leave the home until the kittens were safe and had been hiding them. It took a little planning, but the four kittens made it to safety and in just a couple of days their upper respiratory infections have become severe. The kittens were immediately brought to a vet and we are not only praying for their full recovery but for the safety of the person who put out that desperate call for help. Concern for a pet in the home is one of the primary reasons that a victim of abuse will not leave the household. Unfortunately, abuse is a complex issue that touches humans and animals. ~ dianakitten spousal abuse 6:29:18 kitten spousal abuse- 6:29:18 kitten spousal abuse===6:29:18 kitten spousal abused - 6:29:18 ==

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