Little Grey – RIP Abandoned in a Garage and Rescued When it was Too Late

6/15/18 – RIP Sweet Little Grey. He lived in a next door neighbor’s garage. 5-6 months old and weighing only 1.5 pounds. A loyal friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart contacted us to get medical help. I spoke with the doctor yesterday who advised that Little Grey was in very bad shape. His mouth was full of ulcers and his upper respiratory was very severe. If he survived, it would take months of care and visits to the vet; as a feral cat, we didn’t think that was fair to him. All decided to let him cross over the Rainbow Bridge. He died with love and in peace. Thank you to our friend, Bambi Pesti Hartter, for not turning your back and giving him love in his last hours. ~ dianalittle grey 6:14:18 little grey--6:14:18

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