Lucie – Her Young Uterus Was Nearly Shredded

7/6/18 – A huge thank you to our many friends and vets who help us make a difference.lucie 7:6:18

“I want to send a huge thank you to 4Paws1Heart for taking care of Lucie’s medical. She went in yesterday for her spay and I was told by the doctor that her uterus was so weak it literally shredded as they attempted to remove it. She is only short of 12 weeks old. They were able to remove everything but her incision was bigger than normal. She is on antibiotics for now and have her on crate rest as she is a little swollen. I am so grateful that Debra rescued her to give her a chance for a long and healthy life. I cannot imagine her on the streets and getting pregnant. Lucie is in the process of moving to her furever home. So happy for her.- Patricia”

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