Rosie Roo – Found Wandering the Streets at Over 15 Years Old

7/22/18 – It was December, 2016 when Rosie Roo, at 15 (?) years old was found wandering the streets with no one claiming her. Shortly after, she had 20 teeth removed. She is a senior girl who was so lucky to find her way into the heart of the Chance Team as well as mine. She is the very sweetest and we are so very thankful that she is able to live out the rest of her life with much love and care. ~ diana

“ROSIE ROO: Hi everybody…its me…Rosie Roo⚘
Can we say YAY to finally having solid poo today!!!! YAY!!!!
But…Dr. Z says the results of my bloodwork shows a lot of my numbers being all out of whack soooo, to be safe we are going ahead with the ultrasound of my tummy on Wednesday and then see from there. I’m super lucky to have an awesome Dr. Like Dr. Z thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart! Mom says for me not to worry one bit cus 4 Paws, Dr. Z, Auntie Di & mom are working together to find out what’s going on. Sooo, I’m not going to worry! I’m going to have my nitenite treat and off to bed I go! And dont you worry either, cus Dr. Z is the best and we got this…right mom?
MOM: Right Roo!
ROO: See, there you go! Sweet dreams Team and we’ll see you all tomorrow 🌞
Love & Licks Roo, Chance & the Gang”rosie roo 7:21:18

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