Felix and Singleton – One Older and One Two-Week Old Kitten – Both Rescued Needing Medical Assistance

8/13/18 – Sunday was a busy day for 4 Paws 1 Heart and our good friend, Denise Najera. We are so thankful for the many people who don’t turn their backs on these lost and abandoned souls, for our many knowledgeable friends, and especially for our supporters whose donations make this all possible. ~ diana

“CHANCE: Could you possibly find 2 cuter faces anywhere??? Sooo, we thought it was going to be a pretty uneventful, quiet Sunday…but nope!
Auntie Cynthia & Auntie Debra came & left with their supplies…all good.
Then mom gets a worried text about this adorable orange kid that we told you about last night that was literally rescued out of the woods in the middle of know where. Felix has obviously been out there a while. He was loaded with fleas, thin, missing a couple teeth, and has an ear thats very scarred from either animal attack or severe frostbite. His Rescuer needed some help assessing him to see if his situation was urgent. So he came to our house!!! Mom took care of his immediate needs which was his flea infestation, assessed him and determined he would be fine for tonight. His rescuer says hes eating like a champ the food mom sent last night.
Then mom got an email from Auntie Di about this little gray angel named Singleton and his foster also needed a bit of help getting the baby to eat & poo so he also came over to our house today with his foster mom! Mom got some formula & Miralax into him. He also has a wound to his neck, a puncture we’re not sure what it is. Botfly maybe, or animal. But Singleton is very sweet, playful and mom also cut his little razor nails and supplied his foster mom with extra formula, feeding syringes & a Miracle Nipple.
Both of these sweet, sweet kittys will be seen tomorrow at the vets thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart and the amazing, wonderful humans who could not turn their back when an animal needed their help We’ll keep you posted!
Hopefully we can all get some mom time now and relax till nitenite time 😊🐱🐱😍”felix 8:12:18 singleton 8:12:18

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