Kitty Andra – Found Dying in a Barn

8/3/18 – RIP Sweet Baby – I am calling her Kitty Andra because Andra rescued her and helped her cross the rainbow bridge. I received a call from an independent rescuer who will be doing TNR at a barn in Armada and we offered to do what we could to help. Andra received a call from the elderly barn owner this morning who said that this 7-week old ‘runt’ of a litter, was ‘struggling’ and could not use a back leg (he thinks a ‘kid’ dropped her). Andra went to the barn and with our medical help brought the kitten to the vet. Kitty Andra was struggling with her mouth open trying to breathe. After a short ride to the vet, it became obvious to Andra that the vet may only be able to save her from suffering any further; which, unfortunately, was the case. I’m so very sorry we couldn’t be there for this sweet girl. Our hearts break every time we have to say good-bye but we are thankful that we can at least prevent these abandoned and abused animals from dying a horrible death alone and on the streets (or in a barn)kitty andra 8:3:18

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