Mama Luna and Her 7 Kittens – Mama was Rescued when She was Pregnant; Now She and Her Babies are Safe

8/21/18 – Our mission is to reduce the number of unwanted animals by funding medical treatment for abandoned, stray, and abused animals.  This is what we mean.  This Mama had 7 Kittens.

“Momma Luna’s babies will be 4 weeks old tomorrow! They will be vaccinated/dewormed and spayed/neutered!
They are medically backed by 4 Paws 1 Heart, if you are not interested in adoption, please feel frmama luna kitten - 1- 8:21-18 mama luna kitten 2 - 8:21:18 mama luna kitten 3 - 8:21:18 mama luna kitten 4 8:21:18 mama luna kitten 5 8:18:18 mama luna kittens 8:21:18 Mama luna kitten 8:21:18 mama luna kittens 6 8:21:18ee to donate to an amazing cause. It’s tax deductible!

There are 3 orange males:
Black and white band- Scratch.
Red checkered band- Flash.
Blue checkered band- Volt.
One brown male:
Red band- Piglet.

Two brown females:
Pink band- Candy.
Pink star band- Iris.

Momma Luna is not up for adoption and will be returned to her finder who has officially decided to adopt her!

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