Rosie Roo – Needs Your Prayers

8/9/18 Continued Prayers for Rosie Roo. – diana

“Hi everybody…I’m home! Sooo, Dr. Z let me come home becuse I was doing better and hadn’t had any eeeewy pooey while I was there.
So I had IV meds & injections today, and some other testing and 3 meds to have at home and we’ll see how I do tonight. Staying overnight at the emergency hospital on IV meds was discussed but Dr. Z & mom both agreed I wouldn’t be happy, or get any rest there, I wouldn’t eat and would be continually barking for mom. Sooo, the plan is we see how I do tonight and if I’m still feeling yucky I go back early in the morning and am admitted for the day again for IV meds. If I do feel better tomorrow then I will go in and have my IV port that’s hiding under this pretty purple wrap removed. Let’s all pray for removal please, Cus Dr. Z is thinking it’s one of 2 things. Either it’s a really mean bacterial infection and this power regimen of meds are going to fix it, or the meds dont help and then we’re looking at the C word.
So, I ate my dinner with my new meds mixed in. I’ve got 1 more med to take tonight…and hopefully we all get a better nights rest then last night. Please keep me in your prayers and it sure would help with my mounting vet Bill’s if you are able to make a donation to 4 Paws 1 Heart at and in the message box put “For Rosie” As of right now my Bill’s for the last couple weeks are right around $1000.00 and if I get better I still have my dental scheduled for the 29th. One thing I know for sure mom and 4 Paws 1 Heart will ALWAYS do what’s best for me. But I sure hope I get better cus I dont like it when my mom crys. She says its pepper got in her eyes, but I know its cuz she loves me so much ❤-Rosie Roo”
rosie roo 8:8:18

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