Ali (aka Bentley) – At Just Two Days Old He Was Caught in a Recliner

8/26/18 – This is the last day of the $1,500 Match Campaign and the last of our 8th Anniversary Miracles.
This is Ali (now Bentley). It was 2016 when he was surrendered at just 2 days old after being caught in a recliner. I remember clearly the day Gina brought him over to the house and he was as big as her hand. His skin was torn off of his body along with injuries to his toes. He fought infections and several surgeries including some at the Michigan State Veterinary Hospital. Gina fostered him, loved him, and found the perfect forever mom. Bentley (aka Ali) is enjoying a wonderful life with a sibling and a loving extended family. Thank you to our supporters for making miracles happen. ali:bentley ali 6:17:16 ali:bentley 2:11:18

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