Chancey – Update

9/21/18 – Chancey Update – Last night Chancey arrived at the emergency hospital where it was confirmed that his upper lip and upper nose is, in fact missing. Of course we don’t know how or when it happened but we do know that he had been living like this at least for a few days. The doctor recommended he see a specialist for reconstructive surgery or be humanely euthanized. I sincerely doubt we can afford reconstruction surgery but after everyone told me how sweet he is, I just couldn’t choose the latter. I asked the doctor if reconstruction was not done, could Chancey have a quality life. She said “yes” but he would be Special Needs. I requested that the hospital treat his basic needs and run some tests over night while giving us all an opportunity to find a place for him. Right now, our friend, Debbie N. has offered to temporarily take him in and further assess his needs. We will still need to find a forever home. I will continue to update. ~ --9:20:18

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