Putty – Rescued After Being Attacked by a Large Dog

9/20/18 – Please say a little prayer for Putty. We were contacted by our friend, Shelley, regarding a stray kitten who was attacked by a stray dog. She was found hiding inside a wood pile. The finder thought Putty had a broken back or broken legs because she couldn’t walk. One of the veterinarians we work with was able to see Putty as soon as Shelley could transport her. Putty was scared and hissing and had to be anesthetized in order to have x rays taken. The doctor saw no breaks and thinks Putty might just be bruised. Putty spent the night at the vet and was treated with antibiotics. She is currently with our good friend, Debbie, where he will be watched closely and be able to decompress. We will follow up with the vet as needed. ~ dianaputty 9:20:18

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