Baby Tony – Hit by a Car; His Injuries Were So Severe, Humane Euthanasia Was the Only Option

9/17/18 – RIP Sweet Baby Tony — Our Board member, Angela, discovered 4 kittens, while she was working, being fed by a kind woman. On Saturday Angela and our great friend, Debra Berolatti went back to the property and rescued 4 kittens, one of whom had been hit by a car. Little did we know that the injured kitten was very badly hurt. He had a multiple femur breaks in both back legs and a fractured pelvis. The doctor recommended humane euthanasia. Our hearts break every time a decision like this needs to be made. As the doctor said, at least he will no longer suffer and then die on the street because he could not defend himself. With all of the neuter/spay we all do, the over population of stray cats just never seems to go away. It is up to all of us. ~ dianaBaby Tony 9:17:18

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