Halloween Kitty – Starting to Improve

11/1/18 Update on Halloween kitten..
Today he has made baby steps of improvement. He is less painful and definitely more alert. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I’d wake up to a deceased kitten and I was so relieved when he was looking up at me with those big beautiful eyes this morning.. He can sit up and stand today, but he can’t walk yet. He is not weight bearing on his right rear, and I think he has some broken ribs. Yesterday he was in shock and I was really worried he might be paralyzed or bleeding internally. I’m syringe feeding because his appetite isn’t great. He is also on a handful of other treatments ( stool softener, topical antibiotics, anti inflammatory, pain medication, and fluids). He is very delicate, but I’m hoping that every day he gets stronger. The prayers DO work. Thank you all and I’ll update tomorrow. Gina

Prayers needed for a baby who needs all the prayers he can get right now.
On this Halloween, I took an injured stray kitten home from work. He has what looks like road rash or a burn on his belly, some bruising, and some internal trauma, and he can’t stand. Not sure what happened, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see him pull through! 🙁 4 paws 1 heart will cover all medical needed, but as of right now he needs pain meds and time to heal within. I’m hoping by morning I will see some baby steps of improvement. I will not force him to suffer, and I cannot expect him to make a miraculous recovery overnight. Just looking for baby steps in the right direction. Paws crossed..halloween Kitty+ halloween Kitty 11:1:18 Halloween Kitty +++ halloween kitten 11:1:18

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