Smokey – Was Looking For His Forever Home But Now Has Been Adopted

Little Smokey is looking for his forever home. Please share and let’s make it happen. Contact:
We know he will miss his brother and sister when they leave. -diana

smokey w:rosie roo 12:3:18A Second Chance For Chance

SMOKEY: Roo, can I tell you a secret? Ashley told me her & Dusty have a wonderful Together Forever home waiting for them. I dont have a Forever Home waiting for me…do you think someone will want to dopt me???
ROO: Are you kidding me kid??? Have you seen you??? Why you’re absolutely purrrrfect!!! Dont you worry for one little minute about such things, mom will make sure your purrrfect family finds you. Until then we love you to the moon and back, you come ere and snuggle with ole Roo kid. I’m gonna tell you a story, and then I’m gonna tuck you in with your brother & sister and you’re gonna close those lil peepers and not worry anymore.
Silly kid, can you imagine Team??? We know his purrrfect family will see him any day now! I didnt want to stress the kid out reminding him he needs his shots and neuter first anyway and that’s all happening this Friday thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart. That boy is purrfect I tell you, a little shy, but purrrfect! Sweet dreams Team, see you all tomorrow. Love Roo, Smokey, Chance & the Gang

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