Toots – With a Severe Broken Leg, He Wandered Over to the Right House

11/29/18 – We have had more feline eye removals and femur surgeries than I can remember over the last eight years. It truly has been a horrible period for felines over the last few months. This is Toots. He showed up Friday night (11/23/18) on a friend’s front lawn, limping. Our friend took her in and contacted us. He was taken to a vet the next day where it was determined that he had a broken leg. A splint was put on and he was given pain medication. Toots will be seeing one of our other veterinarians this week. It is very likely that he will also need surgery. The rescuer has not been able to find an owner at this time although all sources have been utilized. Toots appears to have been well taken care of so we suspect he either escaped or was thrown out because of her injury.

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