Rosie Roo – Update

1/13/19 – rosie roo 1:13:19“Hi Team, it’s me…your girl Roo! Soooo, Dr. Z got my test results back and almost everything looks great for a girl of my maturity 😊
I dont have a uti, my kidney values are the best they’ve ever been!!! The one thing that was off was my T4, which is my thyroid. If my thyroid is off that can throw everything off just like with humans. So when I go back to see Dr. Z this Friday she will do a Thyroid Panel and send it out to MSU, it takes 7-14 days to come back. Dr. Z says if it’s my thyroid causing my issues that’s a super easy fix with meds!!! Course, still I’m no youngster so I’m going to have things come up due to my age and we just have to deal with that. But we prefer thyroid meds to doggy dementia, although..Dr. Z has supplements for that too! Mom thinks my eye bulge is coming down so my eye pressure is probably getting better with the drops & I’m pacing less with the pain meds for my eye. I had 2 accidents Friday night, but guess what??? Last night I didnt have any!!! So here’s hoping for great sleep & peaceful nights ahead, seems like Dr. Z,4 Paws 1 Heart & mom have got everything under control & heading in the right direction for me! And on that note, it’s time to for some of that great sleep right now! Sweet dreams everybody, we’ll see you all tomorrow! Love & Licks Rosie Roo – Team Chance”

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