Smokey – Needs Life Saving Surgery

12/24/18 – Smokey, one of the baby Sharks, was adopted a couple of weeks ago as was reported recently by me. The adopters were referred to Smokey’s rescuer by a volunteer for Ferndale Cat Shelter. Last night Smokey was taken to an emergency hospital. Because the adopters have worked with Ferndale Cat Shelter and there was some confusion in the adoption process, Ferndale chose to take on the emergency medical costs and whatever further treatment which may be needed. 4 paws 1 heart had been taking care of the baby sharks’ medical needs and because of a lingering upper respiratory infection, Smokey had not been neutered or vaccinated; 4 paws 1 heart was still committed to completing that medical need.

I post this for those who were wondering why Ferndale Cat Shelter was seeking donations for a kitten we had been helping. Without getting too technical, Ferndale did not recognize the adoption because the kitten had not been neutered and vaccinated; their policy dictates that the adoption agreement is not valid until that happens and until then the family is considered as fosters. Ferndale posted a request for donations because they have taken responsibility for Smokey’s emergency stay and potential surgery. Over the years we have worked closely with Ferndale and we will continue to do so. We will be there if they need us because all of us put the animals first. Thank you to all of our supporters who contacted us over the confusion. – diana.

“touch with Apollos mom all night and the Drs suspect a Portosystemic Shunt. All of Apollos test so far are normal with the exception of a high level of ammonia. That is what is pointing to the Portosystemic Shunt. We will know more after they do imaging tomorrow, Apollos Dad says hes currently much more alert and doing better then when he arrived at the hospital. We hope to know more in the morning and as soon as we do, we will let you know. – Denise (Chance’s Mom)”smokey w:rosie roo 12:3:18

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