Eva – She Lived in the Woods for 4 Months Before She Could Be Caught

2/11/19 – Last week I received the following message:
“I have finally secured a beautiful girl who had been living in the woods for at least 4 months. Our journey has been one of many long days and a lot of tears. I knew I had to do everything possible to save her. My friend, Shelley E., suggested I contact you. – Angel”
Of course we were there for Eva. Thankfully she was found heart worm negative, she received her vaccines, and flea medications, and will be spayed this week. What would these innocent animals do without the people who don’t turn their backs!!! ~ diana

Eva w:angel sccott 2:5:192/21/19 – UPDATE – Look at Eva now.  After 4 months living in the frigid cold, in the woods, fending for herself, she is now the apple of her rescuer’s eyes and looks pretty comfy on her couch..eva 2:8:19
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