Thorin – Back to the Doctor for More Tests as He Continues to Lose Weight

2/1/19 – Please pray for Thorin. We will do what we can to figure out why he eats well but continues to lose weight. He’s been through so very much. ~ diana

“Update on Thorin. Blood work will not be in until Mon-Tues, however Dr. Wilson did do general exam. No fluids on stomach, so can rule out wet FIP for now. However an ultrasound did show what could be a small growth on his upper intestines. He has lost another pound since November, which is what really concerns me. On that note, the possible growth, I have decided that if it comes down to it, I will not do any extra measures…surgery/chemo to try to extend his life. He is too fragile, has FIV, and his immune system is already compromised extensively and I won’t put him through that. If the blood works leaves us with a solution to his weight, great. Then I will proceed with whatever is necessary. In the meantime, he is warm and gets all the love he wants. Thanks for all the prayers, will update when I here from Dr. Wilson early in the week.

Please say a prayer for my sweet boy Thorin. He has had issues with Glaucoma in one eye and FIV. Although the glaucoma is under control he is loosing weight substancially. He will be undergoing tests tomorrow thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart to find the cause. He is 9-10 years old now and had a rough life before I rescued him. He was adopted at one time and came back to Thorin thorin 1:31:19me. I pray I don’t have to say goodbye to him. He is just the sweetest boy. – Patricia”

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