Bonnie and Clyde – Found on a Detroit Freeway

2/14/19 – A perfect Valentine story for Valentine’s Day. Meet Bonnie and Clyde. Both were seen on the side of a freeway in Detroit.  bonnie 2:14:19 Clyde 2:14:19Upon seeing them, a caring man pulled his car over and was able to catch Bonnie. Then another caring man pulled over and helped with catching Clyde. The rescuer then contacted police and Detroit Animal Control and took them to a vet to scan for a microchip — nothing. The rescuer was allowed to keep the dogs during the stray hold and while attempts were made to find an owner — still no owner came forward. Bonnie and Clyde quickly became attached to the rescuer who is in the process of moving into a new home which will be perfect for them. Love is all around. – diana

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