MJ – She showed Up in a Cat Community with a Serious Upper Respiratory Infection

3/18/19 – Meet MJ. She showed up in a cat community cared for by one of our Board members, Dee Brown Gudenau and Andra Shipley. She had a serious upper respiratory infection and, fortunately, allowed Dee and 4 Paws 1 Heart to treat her. She is quickly becoming a diva in the Gudenau home and is almost ready for her forever home. Contact Dee at: dee.4paws1heart@gmail.com – diana

mj w:dee gud 3:18:19 mj w:dee g 3:18:19“Meet MJ. MJ is from our work feral colony and is staying with me for a round of antibiotics. 10 days since the URI was noticed, a period of MIA from MJ that scared us to death, and 5 claw holes in my hand when I tried to get her… Andra Nagaitis-Shipleycat whisper superwoman picked very skinny MJ up and put her in a crate and brought her to me, last night, to stay in our garage. By the grace of God, she allowed me to give her meds. 4 Paws 1 Heart already offered to cover her medical but why stress her out if she is cooperating….MJ is doing better already in just 24 hours with meds!

It would be super awesome if she could have a home of her own….she loves to be petted now!!! She will need a little work but it wouldn’t take much….just some love. Please contact me if you are interested in MJ or if a Rescue would be….she deserves a home of her very own. dgudenau@gmail.com ”

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