Jalapeno – Found With a Severely Broken Leg

5/2/19 – On April 28, a young man found this sweet, 5-6 week old kitten on the street dragging his leg. He brought the kitten to a vet who diagnosed it as a broken leg although no x-ray or meds were given. The young man paid a considerable amount for the visit but could not afford to do anything else. His aunt than contacted us the next day. Fortunately, we were able to get Jalapeno into one of our favorite veterinary hospitals, Patterson Veterinary, and he was seen the same day and x-rayed. I spoke with the doctor who informed me that the leg injury was so severe and broken in so many spots, surgery was not an option. The doctor felt very strongly that Jalapeno could grow to be a very healthy, playful cat even as a tripod. And, like Pretty Girl, had already proven she could get along on 3 legs in that, God only knows how long she was dragging the broken leg — in fact, some of the leg from the paw up had already started dying. Jalapeno was given pain meds and he is scheduled to have surgery next week. The young man and the family have already fallen in love with Jalapeno and we are all confident that this little guy will have a great life with lots of attention and love. (It is unknown how the injury occurred, his leg may have been run over by a car). Prayers for a quick recovery for this very lucky baby. – diana

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