Ginger – Update

8/14/19 – Another Happy Beginning as the Charity contest winds down and we get ready for our Fun 5k on August 17.

You might remember Ginger. We were contacted in early June about a dog who had been seen getting hit by a truck and no one claimed her. A kind couple rescued her, brought her to a vet and it was determined that her leg was broken. We were then contacted for help. Ginger had surgery and we hoped that would be the end of her suffering. But, unfortunately, not long after the surgery, Ginger broke her leg again and it required amputation. Yesterday I got word from her rescuer (new forever family) that Ginger is doing great and behaving as any puppy would — playful. She is still at that awkward stage when her legs are growing faster than she can handle. The family loves her and says they are forever grateful we were there for all of them. Here’s her now and before photos. ginger 8:14:19 ginger-61919

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