Muffin – Sick and Abandoned, Brought to a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – Very Sick

8/9/19 Update – Muffin is a he and he is doing great in his forever home.
8/8/19 – Meet Muffin, a sick and abandoned stray kitten, who was brought into a wildlife rehabilitation center after being found in a garage. The employee at the Rehab Center contacted us because the little one needed medical treatment and the manager at the rehab center wasn’t able to help. The kitten was “scared to death”. The people who brought him to the rehab center said he was too scared and weak to eat. Eventually the staff got him to eat, however he barely acted like a kitten should because he was so sick and thin. Muffin had an upper respiratory infection as well as being emaciated. We were very thankful to hisrescuers and glad we could help. Thank you to Sasha, rehab employee, who took responsibility for this very sick kitty. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I will say it many times more, it truly takes a village of caring people. Without all of us, these innocent animals would not survive. ~ dianamuffin 7:14:19 muffin w:sasha 7:14:19 muffin 7:14:19 w:sasha muffin 7:13:19

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