BamBam (aka Bambi) – One of Seven Kittens Found Under a Shrub

9/18/19 – It’s very important to wear one’s glasses when one wants to ‘check’ the gender of a kitten. Here is Bam Bam (aka Bambi). He is one of the 7 kittens found under a bush. And one of the many kittens who will be requiring our help to get vaccinated, neutered/spayed, and tested. Your donations save thousands of lives. – diana

“CHANCE: Annnd finally I’m sure you all know this little munchkin is BamBam, originally known as Bambi till we discovered mom needs to clean her glasses 😂
BamBam is soooo adorably curious about everything! Hes independent, but is also very loving always patiently waiting his turn in moms arms. He likes to go to sleep snuggled up to mom
All our babies except Quinn will be available for adoption when they are ready and we’re so thankful as always 4 Paws 1 Heart will be covering all of their vetting! Ahhh, dont you just love kittens???”bambam 9:15:19 bambam--9:15:19 bambam==9:15:19

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