Ember – One of 9 Kittens Needing Immediate Medial Assistance

9/2/19 – Without the support of our donors, we could not keeping saying ‘yes’ when I get a call. Prayers for Ember. ~ diana

“So as some of you may know a few weeks back Erica Diola and I trapped some mom kitties and baby kitties and another adult. This resulted in 9 kittens at my house! Woah! Good news is, three of him have been adopted and two more are ready (socially) and I will be posting soon.

However, one little kitty stuck out in the litter, Erica noticed she was very small and skinny, white gums etc. so i reached out to 4 Paws 1 Heart and I’m sure you can guess , Diana said yes to Ember being seen. We went to the vet and they were unable to do blood work, a couple weeks go by she’s still not improving and behaving much differently than the rest of her litter. Finally today, we go to another vet, they get the bloodwork, her white blood cells are elevated I indicating infection, although she has showed no visible signs of such. Also her kidney levels are elevated because she is also dehydrated. We are now being sent home with antibiotics and special diet. Thank you so much to 4 paws for always being there for us little guys! Sorry it was a quick post so I know it’s a little scattered, still at the vet with a dying phone lol. – Cortney”ember 8:29:19

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