Luke and LeLou – Two of Seven Kittens Rescued on the Street

8/29/19 – Yesterday our friend Debra rescued 7 young kittens in her neighborhood. Of course 4p1h will be medically backing them. Another is pretty emaciated but his foster mom, Patricia, is experienced with this. Please say a prayer for the many animals roaming the streets without anyone to care for them.  This is Luke, one of four taken in by Chance’s mom and Lelou, taken in by Patricia B. – diana

CHANCE: Well Team, vet visits are starting early for this little guy we are calling Luke. This is the baby we told you had the end of his tail missing. He will be going in today to have the exposed tip tended to at Patterson Veterinary Hospital thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart. Wish our little Luke luck, his appointment is at 3 and we’ll keep you posted. He’s a sweet, sweet little boy, thank goodness Auntie Debra rescued these babies! -Chance”luke 8:28:19=== lelou 8:28:19

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