Chloe (aka Cleo) – Found Pregnant While on the Streets

10/3/19 – When I say this has been a ‘banner’ year for stray cats, I am not kidding. As mentioned in prior posts, we committed to assisting many Mama Cats who would be needing to be spayed along with their babies to be neutered and spayed. All of these babies are now becoming of age which means more medical needs. This is Mama Cleo (aka Chloe) who was found on the streets, pregnant. She was taken in by her rescuer and now her FIVE babies are ready for their ‘makeovers’. Remember, that a female cat can start having babies at 4 months old and she can have 3 litters a year for almost her entire life. No matter how much we all try, the need continues to be great. There has been much success in the many cat communities we’ve helped but unfortunately there are still those females showing up (either having escaped or abandoned) fully intact and easy prey for the males. This is Cleo (aka Chloe) with her babies, when she had her babies and now Cleo 3 months later with her babies who will be getting spayed/neutered/vaccinated as soon as they can get in. Meet Puffy (aka Boo), Gamora, Lilo, Sully (aka Stitch), and Aurora. Without your donations, we couldn’t make a difference. ~ diana
lilo lilo10:3:19 aurora 10:3:19 aurora 10:3:19-- cleo:chloe 10:3:19 cleo:chloe---10:3:19 chloe:cleo with babies 10:3:19 boo 10:3:19 boo ===10:3:19 stitch----10:3:19 stitch 10:3:19

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