Fuzzy – Showed Up in a Cat Community But He Loves to be Cuddled

10/12/19 – From our Board member, Dee:

fuzzy 10:12:19“See this dude? Well we did too….he showed up at our feral colony this spring. His name is Fuzzy. A month or so ago…he decided to befriend a couple of our feeders….Kim Harris (his main Momma) and Janice Dangin. A plan formulated to pull this Fuzz Ball before winter hit. Kim applied flee treatment and a few days later she picked him up and put him in a carrier. I’m temporally housing him in a crate condo in our garage. Tomorrow evening we take him to the vet to get snap tested, thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for paying for his vet visit. Also at that time he will be checked for a microchip.Andra Nagaitis-Shipley found a rescue to foster him- thank you Backdoor Friends Purebred Cat Rescue. They will finish his vetting and find the purrfect home for him.
Where did he come from? he is not fixed and is the most loving cat! He loves my hubby- Fuzzy will ignore me and go to him! Well we might not know where he came from but what we do know is that he will have a happily ever after. Thank you – every single one of you for making this happen. I love you Fuzzy Balls you stole my heart!”

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