Baby Kitty – One of 7 Kittens Who Survived But Appeared With a Broken Leg

11/23/19 – Baby Kitty was one of 7 kittens born to a feral cat who was being fed by a caring woman. Of the 7 kittens, one was found dead, one was found dead in the street after being hit by a vehicle, and one just disappeared. The homeowner cared for the family for about 4 months when one of the kittens showed up with a broken leg. We were contacted for help and we arranged for the kitten to be seen by a doctor. Unfortunately, it was determined that Baby Kitty’s leg could not be saved and had to be amputated. Baby Kitty is socializing very well and the rescuer will be trying to catch the rest of the family and get them spayed/neutered and hopefully socialized. I can’t thank our donors enough for making these happy beginnings possible. ~ diana Kitty w:angela stovall 9:6:19 baby kitty 9:3:19=== baby kitty 9:3:19 baby kitty w:angela stovall000 baby kitty stovall 8:29:19--

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