Feckles – Rescued from a Cat Community with a Severe Upper Respiratory Infection

11/5/19- Feckles is a community cat who has a serious upper respiratory infection. The caregiver was able to get him inside to clean up his eyes and we were able to get him to one of our partner vets for care. This is such a difficult time of the year because of the severe weather we are expecting. Please, please do what you can to provide shelter to these stray and abandoned animals. Or if they are domesticated, please try to contact a rescue organization or try to find an adopter. As long as we have the funds, we will help you get them medically vetted. And, most importantly, we need to work together to get everyone spayed/neutered. A huge thank you to the many individuals who don’t turn their backs on these innocent animals. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/feckles 1 feckles 11:5:19

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