Judas – At 10+ years old, Judas Was Pulled From a Municipal Shelter

11/1/19 – A rescue, who we have assisted recently with Baby Ryan, contacted us about an ‘urgent’ posting she saw on facebook. It was about a very sweet, 10+ year old, very emaciated cat who had been in a municipal shelter for a week. She wanted to know if we could back his medical bills if she pulled him Fortunately, we said “yes” and he was pulled from the shelter and taken to the vet yesterday. Judas was examined and blood work was done. The doctor said that Judas appears to be healthy with the exception of being very dehydrated and under nourished. He is a very long cat yet weighs only 5 lbs. His blood work showed no underlying issues. Judas is now in good hands and being fed sparingly every few hours. This was a very difficult Spring and Summer for the abandoned and abused but I’m afraid this upcoming Fall and Winter will be no better.
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080Judas kim thompson 10:30:19 judaskim thompson++ 10:30:19 Judas - Kim Thompson--10:30:19

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