Magnolia – Update After Her Orthopedic Surgery

11/18/19 – Happy Update! You might remember Magnolia who was thought to have been hit by a car. A good Samaritan brought her to one of our partner vets and one of the vet techs there contacted us to see if we could help. Magnolia’s leg was fractured in a couple of places and her jaw was broken. She was just a baby and the doctors recommended a specialist or amputation. 4 paws 1 heart didn’t have the heart to have her leg amputated so she was seen by a specialist who performed orthopedic suregery. The doctor who originally examined her took care of her jaw. Now, guess what? Her savior, Jenna, the veterinary technician, who took her in to foster has fallen in love and asked if she could be Magnolia’s furever mom. We said “Of course, you’re the one who saved her!”. Here’s 3 photos of Magnolia now, and her when she was first brought into the veterinary hospital. This is how your dollars are spent. Making miracles happen for animals and the humans who fall in love. ~ diana
magnolia ==11:19:19 magnolia--11:18:19 magnolia 11:18:19

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