Dash – Surrendered By A Backyard Breeder Who Couldn’t Afford His Medical Needs

12/23/19 – We are calling him Dash. This past Saturday he was brought into a veterinary hospital with a litter of puppies.
He is 8 weeks old and his paw is very mangled. The owner surrendered the puppy so that he could get the care he needed and one of the veterinary technicians took him home for the weekend. Yesterday the tissue on the bottom of his foot came off and the bone is totally exposed. The injury will require daily bandage changes and supportive care. He will be with Gina beginning today and the goal is to prevent infection and let him get a little bit older to see how his paw heals.
Right now, Gina just wants to get him healthy. It will be at least a few weeks before we will know where he stands.
He is only 3 pounds and if amputation is required, it will be a big deal for a little guy like this.
He is very sweet and he will get tons of love and care from here on out.
Unfortunately, his injury is just too graphic to show but here he is after lots of love and a full tummy in his temporary foster home. Dash is just one of many animals this year who will have a second chance at life because of 4 Paws 1 Heart and our generous donors. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. ~ diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
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