Mister – He is Not Improving and Now Needs Surgery

12/17/19 – Please say a little prayer for this ‘old man’ and if you can afford a donation, it would make a big difference. It’s always so hard to make these decisions because we have limited funds and many upcoming commitments. But I decided that one way or another, we had to give Mister a second chance at life. He has been through so much. I posted about Mister not too long ago. He was a community cat who was TNR’d but he befriended his caretaker who, after months of feeding him soft food because he had limited teeth, decided to take him in. She discovered that he had what appeared to be abscesses on each side of his anus and contacted us. Mister has been to the vet twice now and each time had the abscesses drained. His rescuer also had to drain the abscesses twice a day. We had hoped he had turned the corner but Mister had to go back to the vet for the third time yesterday. Now the doctor feels that he needs surgery and the issue has to do with his colon. The doctor was pretty positive that this would be successful but if not done, he should be humanely euthanized. I have approved his surgery because even though he is an older kitty, he has been through so much and I’m hoping that this surgery will give him a second chance at a long life. Thank you for your prayers and support.
P.S. The photos of the abscesses are too graphic to post. ~ diana
P.O. Bos 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

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