Chance – Keeping Him in Our Prayers

chance 2:4:20CHANCE: “Ewwww mom!!! Medicine is yucky!!!
But since Jasper has to take medicine too and I’m trying to set a good example for the kid I will try not to spit it out 😝

Hey Team, soooo since the 2 injections I’ve already recieved for my skin issues have not worked. We’re looking at other things that may be causing the problem. So today Dr. Z sedated me so she could do a skin culture and a skin biopsy. We’re looking for a resistant bacteria, autoimmune or skin cancer. It will be 7-10 days before we know anything and in the meantime Dr. Z has mom giving me a super strong antibiotic and I go back in 2wks to get my sutures removed. So, that’s all we know for now. Oh, and sidenote… Jasper had a huge eeeewy pooey at Dr. Zs 😝 So he also had a fecal test and also got a really yucky medicine to take. You think he did it to be in yucky Medicine solidarity with me?
Nah, me either… 😉
Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of me & Jaspers medical needs today, we know it was a pretty penny We love you!

Ooops!!! One more side note, guess who lost 1 whole lb….that’s right….this guy!!! I’m doing good on my diet, unlike some cats I know…not mentioning any names…..TWYLA THE GRUMP!!! 😂😂😂”

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