Dash – Goes to See Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps

1/18/20 dash 1:17:20Dash Update♡
Tuesday we saw Dr. Kern at Pawsitive Steps. Dash was a very good patient and slept through most of his measurements and physical exam. The staff adored him and I was able to see Hercules (pictured with the rear leg prosthetic).
The tendons that control flexing and extension of the toes are damaged on Dash’s left rear foot. Therefore, his toes are at full extension causing him to walk flat footed. He has lost nearly all of the large pad that helps bare weight. His toe nails are starting to grow back a bit abnormally. His foot is slightly smaller than normal, but he is growing fast and he is happy.
He will require are rear leg prosthetic like Hercules is wearing but without the heel. This will provide cushion, support, and a much better quality of life.
He is already starting to develop sores on the bottom of his foot. 😞 He will need a temporary shoe until he can be casted at 8 months old. He cannot be fitted for a prosthetic now because he is a growing large breed puppy and his growth plates will keep developing until about 12 months old.
I’d like to try and raise money for the prosthetic which is between $800 – $900. This is something he will use for life.
Every few months the shoe will need to be sent in and inspected for wear and tear which is about $300.
We will also be taking Dash for his recheck appointments once every 4 to 8 weeks to make sure there are not anymore healing concerns.
Dash has a very good home lined up when he is ready, but I’d like to help get him started..
The open area on the bottom of his foot has closed and formed scar tissue.😊
If you’d like to donate towards Dash’s medical you can do so by going to our PayPal link on our website. Just put DASH in the note area! Thank you all so much!

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