Jasper – Update

1/4/20 – Please say a prayer and send positive energy for our boy, Jasper. He is under the best care possible but we don’t even know where his needs will take us. He is such a little doll and deserves a second chance at life. Thank YOU for everyone supporting his medical needs. ~ diana

 JASPER 1.4.20 JASPER 1:4:20--- JASPER 1.4.20=“Hi Team, mom here….we’re home.

Sooo, the good news is the big lump on Jaspers spine was an abscess. Dr. Z was happy about that becuse it means we can hopefully treat the problem. The bad news is its an infection very close to his spinal cord and did we get it in time? Thank God for4 Paws 1 Heart and Dr. Z. The abscess has been lanced and there was a ton of green pus inside.
It must remain open now for the next couple days at least so we can use warm compress and let the infection continue to drain as we keep the wound very clean. We are also aggressively treating with antibiotics and Dr. Z is also doing a culture of the fluid. Now it’s a wait and see game over the next few days to see if he improves or not. And all of this is besides the sacroiliac joint break 😔 Please, please keep Jasper in your prayers and if you are able please consider making a donation towards his medical care which at this point is likely to have exceeded a $1000.00…. so far. I say so far, becuse things are still very uncertain as what else may be needed going forward. Thankyou so much Team Love, Mom”
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