Jasper – Update

1/2/20 – An update on Jasper.

“CHANCE: Ok Team, here is our Jasper. So, the first pic is of the fracture of Jasper’s sacroiliac joint, the second pic is a side view and shows the spot on his spine that we were worried about the swelling. The swelling is due to soft tissue damage that took this long to bruise & swell to this point. And 3rd pic.. all those little things that look like rocks in his tummy…poop!!! Jasper had not pooped or peed since yesterday morning and mom was about to give him Miralax on his dinner but the swelling combined with no poo, time of day and our regular vets could not get him in today, we were taking no chances as you can see the swelling looked pretty severe. So the poop was an emergency within itself beacuse of Jaspers fracture he would not have been able to push it out. So right now the doctor put Jasper fast asleep so he feels no pain while his poo is removed via enema. Jasper will be able to come home tonight with poo gone, refill on his pain med and also inflammation med for the swelling. He will be getting Miralax on his wet food and no dry food for now. Poor little guy, the dr said it had to be a pretty severe trauma to fracture where it did, and cause this kind of soft tissue damage. Well little guy, you will never again be put in the position to be hit by a car. You are safe, loved & cared for.

This is Jaspers second emergency room visit in 4 days. The total for both visits will be as you can imagine very expensive. If you are able any donation to help would be very appreciated.
Thankyou Team ❤”
4paws1heart.org/donations/jasper--1:2:20jasper==1:2:20jasper=== 1:2:20

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