Otis – Found With a Swollen Paw, Broken Tail, an Upper Respiratory Infection, and Flea/Mites Infested

2/15/20 – On Thursday I received the following message about this little guy:

“I have found a hurt kitty on my porch. I do not believe he is anybody’s. I live in an area where apparently some people drop their cats off in the field across the road. The lady across the street stated she had seen someone do this I do not know if this is one of those cats. I do not know. We do have coyotes that have been unfortunately taking them out. This cat’s foot is swollen three times the size and his tail looks as if it could be broken; he has ear mites, a runny nose and his tail seems to only be half there. I do not know what happened or when it happened; it looks like it might could have healed. I am just worried the poor guy has an infection and I cannot keep him as my cat will not allow him to enter my house and I do not want to risk them for any sickness. He is in my pool room, as you see in the picture. I do not have much wood ready to burn for him left. Maybe overnight if I’m lucky. He needs medical attention that I am unable to afford is there anyway you could take him and please help him. Amanda”

She named the poor little guy Otis. Our dilemma was that we are not a rescue and she did not live in an area I’m familiar with. I told her if she could find him a rescue, we would pay for the medical. May God Bless this wonderful woman, after searching high and low and making many calls, she found an amazing veterinarian in a small town near Frankenmuth, who also has a rescue and a sanctuary for cats who are not adoptable. I spoke with one of the staff members and Otis was taken there that day and we paid for his medical needs. I am confident that Otis will be well taken care of. Once again, the village comes together and Otis will be safe and free from danger and the frigid temperatures. – diana

Image may contain: cat
Image may contain: cat

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