Snape – Found With Multiple Injuries Requiring Multiple Surgeries

3/3/20 – Snape showed up on a very kind woman’s porch drinking the water she kept out for strays. He was in very bad shape and had to be taken to an emergency hospital. Snape immediately had surgery to remove his eye and have two pins put in his upper and lower jaw. This very kind woman was able to raise money to pay for 2/3 of the surgery and she paid the rest. An unbelievable act of kindness for a stray cat. Well, yesterday, Snape was scheduled to have his pins removed and we were contacted to see if we could cover that surgery. We were happy to pay for that. Snape will also need tooth extractions in the future but it is one issue at a time. Because of the significant commitments we have already made, I couldn’t promise additional assistance at this time but asked Snape’s now mom, to keep in touch. Snape’s savior and mom, Janet, said that Snape is the “very sweetest boy ever”. – Diana
snape before snape after 3:2:20

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