Little One – One of 11 Kittens Found in the Woods; Two Had Already Died

Update: I’m sorry but in my haste to post this I overlooked the fact that the 11 kittens came from two moms. I’ll provide more details as I get them.

4/6/20 – I know all of us our praying for our Country and every person impacted by the virus. But if you can add one more for this little one, it would mean a lot. A young woman, who has been tnr’g in a Shelby Twp. mobile home park, trapped a pregnant mom. The mom had 11 babies. Our friend Jo took in two. One of the babies Jo took died last night. And, one of the kittens with the rescuer also died last night. This little one made it through the night with all of Jo’s expertise and I talked with her this morning and offered to cover medical. Gina now has her at the vet she works at and she/he will be under her watchful eye. As I’ve said earlier, this will not only be a very tough time for humans but this will definitely trickle down to the animals. Again, May God be with us. – diana
little one w:jo 4:6:20

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