Carla – Needs Emergency Surgery for Bladder Stones

4/9/20 – Carla has been going to therapy since that time and has been making great progress but at this time she is in surgery to remove a number of bladder stones. Thank God she has a mom who intuitively knows when there is something seriously wrong. The doctor first thought it might be a bladder infection but now we know otherwise. Carla has been in surgery for over two hours so please say a prayer for our girl. She has been quite a trooper over the years. Here’s a report from her mom.- diana

“Hey Team, Mom here.
So Dr. Z did an ultrasound on our Carla and she has multiple bladder stones and her bladder is extremely inflamed. So we were right not to wait and Carla will be going right into surgery. As I suspected, she also has backed up poo and she will get an enema while shes under. Theres also special food, pain meds, antibiotics, appetite stimulant. Altogether the estimate comes to $750.00 which includes our rescue discount.
Like all of the animal organizations, all of the fundraisers for 4 Paws 1 Heart have been cancelled and donations are down to near nothing, understandably so. But the need goes on and right now its Carla that needs you. So, if you are able to donate any amount to help with Carla’s surgery it would be sooo very much appreciated
Please make your donation to… and in the message box please type “Carla”
Thankyou so much and please keep our girl in your prayers. I cant go inside the vet office due to restrictions at this time so I will be waiting for Carla out in the parking lot since it’s a far drive to go home and come back. Will post just as soon as Dr. Z calls with an update” 🙏

UPDATE:  Approximately 15 stones were removed from Carla.  She is now home and recovering. – dianacarla -- 4:9:20 carla 4:9:20

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