Casey – Found With a Severe Wound Near Her Tail

6/11/20 – Update:  Casey continued to get laser treatments on her wound and she had her last treatment this week.  She is doing great and the would has healed wonderully.

5/8/20 – More Prayers Needed. This is Casey. She was rescued from the outside of an automotive plant with a severe wound near her tail. She is also very emaciated and weighs only a little over 3 lbs. She was taken to a veterinary hospital yesterday and the doctor felt her condition was so severe that humane euthanasia would be appropriate. The doctor advised that not only were her physical conditions dire, but her organs were in trouble. Although I will usually follow the doctors’ recommendations, I also confer with the rescuer — they are the ones who I believe deserve to have the last word. After conferring with Casey’s rescuer, I asked the doctor to clean Casey’s wound and the rescuer would continue to provide sub q fluids. Over night, Casey did eat and today was taken to another veterinary hospital who agreed that Casey is a fighter and deserves a second chance. Casey is very sweet and is in the care of our friend, Debbie N. Casey was given laser treatment and tested negative for FIV and Felv. The bottom line is that we will do medically what is needed and for sure Casey will be getting much attention and care. Donations for her continued care is very much appreciated.- diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080
casey 5:9:20 casey 5:10:20

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