Punkin, Tigs, Bernie, Ken, and Grayling – Found on the Streets

As I’ve said a number of times, in my effort to not overwhelm you with our stories, I’ve become woefully behind in at least sharing the photos of the many cats we’ve helped since last Fall/Winter. Here are a few more of them. And, once again, there would be no need for 4 Paws 1 Heart if we didn’t have so many amazing people who never turn their backs on an animal in need. So again, God bless the rescuer, the foster, the adopter, the veterinary staffs, and our supporters. Here are Punkin, Tigs, Bernie, Ken, and Grayling. All of them were found on the streets. Some just needed the usual spay/neuter/vaccines/deworming/flea-mite treatment, others needed treatment for wounds. -diana
punkin tigs 5:20:20 ken winter 2020 bernie winter 2020 grayling winter wowo

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