Toby – Severely Injured – RIP

5/29/20 – RIP Toby. This little 10-12 week old kitty was trapped under the car hood and rescued. He was very scared — you can imagine — and taken yesterday to an independent rescuer who we like to help. She thought he may have had pneumonia because he was having problems breathing. So, it was planned to get him into the vet today. But this morning he started having seizures and couldn’t stand. He was taken to the vet who did blood work and found his white blood cell count was very dangerous and his actions seemed to indicate a neurological issue. The doctor thought he might have ingested some type of poison. He was put on fluids and continued to be treated in the hospital but just a few minutes ago we were informed that Toby passed away. I know there is so much to pray about these days, but please continue to pray for these poor animals. Unfortunately, there are so very many on the streets needing us and so many pregnant cats who couldn’t be fixed over the past 10 weeks. Please keep Tracy in your prayers as she has had many sleepless nights with a number of kittens who she has rescued in the past few weeks. Last week, she was in the vet parking lot for almost 6 hours while she waited for another rescue cat, whom we were helping, to be seen. May God Bless the Rescuers, the Vet Staffs, and our many generous donors who make it possible for us to make a difference. – diana

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