Bear – His Owner Died

7/31/20 – On this last day of July, I really can’t explain what the past 4 months have been like for the stray animals being born and left on the streets and the many rescuers (as well as 4p1h) who have been trying to address the many serious issues of an overpopulation of kittens, serious injuries and illnesses, and the difficulty in getting into veterinary hospitals who were either closed or had to have restricted services. I have never been so appreciative of our partner veterinary hospitals and their staffs who have gone above and beyond to fit in our strays along with their regular patients in need of medical care. This past two weeks have been especially daunting.

This is Bear. Last week I received the following message:
“Good morning. My name is Mary. I made a post on Facebook looking for referrals for a Veterinarian who can possibly work with me. I’m on Social Security Disability so I’m on a fixed monthly income. I have a senior cat who is 17 years old. He was my Aunt’s cat but sadly she passed away so I took him in. He needs to be seen right away and treated. I believe he has an abscess tooth and has tried to get it out on his own. He has a big open wound under his chin and it smells horrible. He definitely needs an antibiotic and possibly an extraction. If there’s possibly any information or help you can provide, please send me a message. Thank you so much for your time ❤️ – Mary”

So many animals are abandoned or sent to the municipal shelter when a relative dies and leaves behind a pet so I had to help this kind niece who didn’t turn her back on this beautiful senior cat. Bear did have surgery for the wound under his chin and did have an abscessed tooth removed. He also had blood work to test his vitals before having surgery. He was then treated for the infection and he is now resting comfortably with his new family. Thank you to all of our donors for giving us the resources needed to help these animals who would otherwise die on the streets or in shelters because they have no one else. – w:mary terese 7:25:20

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