Shakira – Saved by a 14 Year Old Young Man – She had a Fractured Pelvis and a Herniated Diaphragm

7/31/20 – Prayers and Positive Energy Needed! Shakira is a 2 pound, 6-8 weeks old kitten who was found by a 14 year old young man and his friend. She was very hurt and he brought the kitten home. Mom brought the kitten to a vet who removed a botfly and found, through x-rays, that Shakira had a fractured pelvis and a ruptured herniated diaphragm. Last night I received a message from the mom that Shakira was having difficulty breathing. The emergency hospital said they couldn’t do anything so this morning I contacted one of the best in the business, Dr. Natalie Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital. After explaining the situation, Dr. Z agreed to at least fit Shakira in for a consultation and maybe even surgery, after hours — this while she was totally booked with appointments and walk-ins. The family, upon my direction, took the 45 minute drive immediately to Dr. Z and a little earlier today Dr. Z did call me affirming that Shakira would need surgery and she and some staff members would be staying overtime should we wish to continue. The concern was that because the baby is so small, there was a risk to putting her under. Dr. Z told me that Shakira is the sweetest little thing and was even standing with a broken pelvis. So, with the understanding of the family, I approved the surgery to give this baby a second chance. We are all anxious about the surgery and, I hate to ask, after just asking for Zeus, but if you can afford to donate towards her surgery, it would help immensely. Thank YOU so very much. – diana

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